The Model for Healthy Living

A strategy for whole-person care

by Scott Morris

Pursuing a God Who Beckons

Pilgrimage toward a whole spiritual relationship

by Karen L. Klein

The Nature of Care

Claiming the church’s voice in the culture of caregiving

Keeping Company at the End-of-Life

Ten ways to care for your loved one and yourself.

by Tracy Hilts

Sharing the End-of-Life Sojourn

A profound call on body and spirit

by Tracy Hilts

Five Ways Congregations Can Support Caregivers

Crisis Mode Calling

Receiving care with grace and gratitude

by Gwen Ellis

The Gift of Spiritual Direction

Listening well, digging deep, and letting go

by Mary Chase-Ziolek

Learning to Throw a Spiritual Practice Punch

Engaging our whole selves to become whole and healthy

by Tara Owens

At Play in God’s Creation: Q&A with Tara Owens

Dancing Away Depression

Liturgical dance as spiritual practice holds out healing hope

by Sarita Wilson

Seeing Healing

Q&A with Lenny Foster

by Stacy Smith

Putting Out the Welcome Mat

The spiritual practice of generosity, hospitality and belonging

by Evelyn Bence

Why Health Ministry?

Good news through a whole-life lens

by Scott Morris

Be Strong and Bold

Courage to take the next step

by Tracy Hilts

In the Mighty Stream of Righteousness

by Scott Morris

Kale Chips

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Chicken and Dumpling Soup

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Dreams of Justice

A journey together toward the glory of God

by Scott Morris

Waters of Justice

Remembering Frank McRae

by Scott Morris

Grace First

Love Without Strings

by Susan Palwick

Shrimp Étouffée

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Deliciously Simple Pizza Crust

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

A Prayer for Healing Hope

by Susan Martins Miller

A Lenten Liturgy

A congregational call to faithful community well-being

The Healing Gift of Bold Lament

The messy middle between Jesus' resurrection and ours.

by Rebekah Eklund

Circles of Community

An Activity to Identify and Celebrate the People in Your Life

Save That Recipe

Rescue unhealthy family favorites with simple ingredient switches

Emotional Health & Congregations

Reflections on Relating to God With Our Bodies

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit

Prayers for Wholeness

Welcoming the Stranger as Friend

Tips to begin with common interests

Sharing Meals, Sharing Health

Sanctuaries for Mental Health


Created by Glory for Glory

Q&A with David H. Kim

by Susan Martins Miller

Congregations Move Where You Are

Church & Health in Partnership

Speaking the language of trust for better health relationships

Planning a Healing Service in Your Congregation

No Man is an Island

A foundation of togetherness

by Matthew Patrick

Yelling at God

The gifts of rest and peace

by Tracy Hilts

Breaking Bread and Meeting God

Shopping, preparing and the fellowship of food

by Audrey Hindes

Mindfulness of Our Bodies

A Call to the awareness of God

by Roger Joslin

What is Needed, Right Now, for the Journey?

Walking together in illness and health

by Warren Kinghorn

The Gift of Work

An invitation to kingdom building

by Deidre Riggs

One Faith, One Body

Members of one another

by Marilyn McEntyre

Jumpstart Your Journey Toward a Balanced Life

Model for Healthy Living Introduction with Reflections

Mealtime Blessings

40 Prayers to Sing & Say

by Kira Dault

Our Work, God’s World

Daily Devotions at Advent


Healthy Holiday Drinks

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Spinach Dip

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Apple Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

The Best Chili

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Ask Deborah: Answering your questions on health ministry

by Deborah Patterson


How to Cook Locally in Winter

Fresh Food for Thought

10 Tips for Family Caregivers

A Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Move More!

Make a Healthy Grocery List

Dealing with Stress