Hosting for the Holidays

6 tips for simple ways to reduce stress and enjoy guests

Try these easy tips to make hosting for the holidays stress-free and a time of relaxing fellowship for all.

Plan ahead. Stock up on little snack foods and keep drinks on hand.

Try an open house. For large groups an open house gathering can allow you to visit with all of your guests in a flexible, low-key way.

Be casual and homey. Don’t expect everything to be perfect. Close the door to a messy room or try a buffet instead of a formal, seated dinner.

Mix and mingle. Be sure to make introductions and spot the loners.

Make a list. A to-do list can relieve anxiety and makes things easier to delegate.

Cook ahead. Concentrate on serving foods that will keep for several days or that you can make ahead of time.

Download the Hosting for the Holidays flyer here

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