Summer 2017: Pilgrimage of Faith and Health

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Pursuing a God Who Beckons
by Karen L. Klein

Why Are You Doing This?
by Daniel H. Martins

Of Foreign Lands and Sacred Space
by Barbara Scott

Jumpstart Your Pilgrimage

All Roads Lead to the Kitchen Table
by Ashley-Anne Masters

Programs and Models
A Journey with Our City, Ourselves, and Our God
by Reynolds Chapman
One Plantation, Two Sets of Eyes

What I Learn from Marty: New Moon Smiling
by Larry Kinard

Of Popsicles, Fountains, and God
by Scott Morris

Model Moments
Faith Life: Partnering Police and Pastors
Medicine: The C Word
Movement: 7 Tips for Including Movement in the Way You Live
Work: An Internist’s Life Calling to Addiction Work
Emotional: First Steps toward Mental Health Ministry
Nutrition: Guacamole Dip
Friends and Family: Losing a Little One

Sacred to the Full
by Ashley Higgins

Editor’s Note