The Nature of Care

The Nature of Care
Justice and Care 
by Kendra G. Hotz
Sharing the End-of-Life Sojourn
by Tracy Hilts
Keeping Company at the End-of-Life
by Tracy Hilts
Hope for Caregivers
Crisis Mode Calling
by Gwen Ellis
Five Ways Congregations Can Support Caregivers
Too Tired to Care
by Shane Stanford
Community Cares: Q & A with Shane Stanford
Programs and Models
No Whispers
by Cynthia Davis
Bodily Blessings: Reversing the Roles
by Susan Palwick
Lifelines: There Are No Free Teddy Bears
by Scott Morris
Model Moments
Faith Life: Model for Healthy Living Bible Study Suggestions
Medicine: Prayers for Medical Procedures
Movement: 5 Questions with Dr. Dan Libby
Work: The Downward Spiral of Payday Loans
Emotional: A review of Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma by Teresa B. Pasquale
Nutrition: Fair Trade Food and Goods
Friends and Family: Take Changes in Stride 6 Tips for Healthy Transitions
Like a Little Child
by Lizzy Cook
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