Winter 2017: Spiritual Practice

The Gift of Spiritual Direction
by Mary Chase-Ziolek
Learning to Throw a Spiritual Practice Punch
by Tara M. Owens
At Play in God’s Creation: Q&A with Tara Owens
by Susan Martins Miller
Why Walk? A Journey for Body and Spirit
Putting Out the Welcome Mat
by Evelyn Bence
Seeing Healing:Q &A with Lenny Foster 
by Stacy Smith
Programs and Models
Dancing Away Depression
by Rev. Sarita M. Wilson, EdD
Bodily Blessings: On Duty
by Susan Palwick
Lifelines:Memphis Meets Masada
by Scott Morris
Model Moments
Faith Life: 7 Spiritual Practices for the New Year
Medicine: A Godly Plan for Health:5 Questions with Brent Egan, MD
Movement: Walking in Jordan
Work: Exchanging Balance for Rhythm
Emotional: Comfort from a Furry Friend 
Nutrition: Wild Yeast
Friends and Family: Racial Reconciliation Over Dinner
Church Health Impact Report 
Being Enough
by Laura Bratton