Prayers for Wholeness

A Prayer for Wholeness with God
O God, who knows every burden I bear, draw me close to your heart.
May every breath I take place me in your arms more securely so that I will know that your love makes my brokenness whole again.

A Prayer for Wholeness with Neighbor
O God, open my eyes so that I see the people you put in my path with your eyes of love.
Slow me down enough to know what it means be the neighbor who stops to help, who listens to the nudge of your Spirit, who offers my hand in generosity of health.

A Prayer for Wholeness with Self
O God, fill me with thanks that when I think so little of myself you remind me I am your treasure.
Fill me with gladness that you created me and receive me with rejoicing.
Fill me confidence to understand myself and find greater health in the path where you lead.

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