Coaching Others to Better Health

Constant discovery of spirituality and health Q&A with Laura Todd

Sweetening Summer with Peppers

Colorful add-ins with flavor

The Root of Dental Care

by Lauren Hales

Bible Study on the Move

Walking, talking, praying, and community

by Lauren Hales

Summer 2018 Health Ministry Connections

How to Use This Issue in Your Congregation

FAITH! Fostering African-American Improvement in Total Health

by Lauren Hales

Save That Recipe

Rescue unhealthy family favorites with simple ingredient switches

Reflections on Relating to God With Our Bodies

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit

Sharing Meals, Sharing Health

Congregations Move Where You Are

Breaking Bread and Meeting God

Shopping, preparing and the fellowship of food

by Audrey Hindes

Mindfulness of Our Bodies

A Call to the awareness of God

by Roger Joslin

10 Tips for Family Caregivers

A Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Move More!

The Model for Healthy Living

A strategy for whole-person care

by Scott Morris

Vaccines….. Adults Need Them, Too!


One-Ingredient Homemade Ice Cream

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

First Place, First Step

Bible studies to feed body and spirit

by Vicki Heath

How to eat like a toddler

by Sheila Harrell

Why Are You Doing This?

A pilgrim's gift of hindsight

by Daniel H. Martins

Why Walk

A Journey for Body and Spirit

Wild Yeast

The benefits of homemade sourdough bread bread

Everyday Ergonomics

Staying happy and healthy at work

by Mary Boland

Seminary Partners to Heal the Sick

Wesley Theological Seminary’s new commitment to collaborative health ministry in the nation’s capital

by Tom Pruski