How to Cook Locally in Winter

Fresh Food for Thought

10 Tips for Family Caregivers

A Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Move More!

Make a Healthy Grocery List

Dealing with Stress

The Model for Healthy Living

A strategy for whole-person care

by Scott Morris

Vaccines….. Adults Need Them, Too!


Stuffed Apples

A healthy and flavorful treat

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Perk Up Your Church Coffee Hour

A few ways to introduce healthier options

by Deborah Patterson

Take Changes in Stride

6 Tips for Healthy Transitions

Real-Life Movement

7 Tips for Including Movement in the Way You Live

Pursuing a God Who Beckons

Pilgrimage toward a whole spiritual relationship

by Karen L. Klein

Stranger in Our Midst

Reflecting on cultural differences

by Scott Morris

Shining a Light on Sunscreen

Website 101 for Your Church


One-Ingredient Homemade Ice Cream

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

First Place, First Step

Bible studies to feed body and spirit

by Vicki Heath

Taking Care with Dementia

Five How-to Tips for Visiting a Person with Dementia

by Susan Martins Miller

How to eat like a toddler

by Sheila Harrell

Health Ministry Tips to Jumpstart Your Congregation to Better Health

Editor’s Note

by Stacy Smith

Empowering the Church to Fight Joblessness

Jobs for Life connects people with the dignity of work

Welcoming the Stranger

5 Ways to Help a Refugee Ministry

Yearning for Healing

From a single child to millions of refugees, the church yearns to welcome.

by Scott Morris

Living in Doubt, Living in Faith

Searching for God in the midst of suffering and pain

by Scott Morris

There is No Them

Our gifts, our wounds, and our disabilities

by Susan Palwick

Losing a Little One

Support groups for pregnancy and infant loss

Sacred to the Full

Resting at the tables of life

by Ashley Higgins

One Plantation, Two Sets of Eyes

Two pilgrims reflect on their experience of Durham’s Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope, specifically on the visit to the Stagville Plantation.


Guacamole Dip

A healthy snack for your church meeting

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

A Journey with Our City, Ourselves, and Our God

A pilgrimage of pain and hope

by Reynolds Chapman

Partnering Police and Pastors

Memphis Police Department’s Clergy Police Academy

by Stacy Smith

Of Popsicles, Fountains, and God

Chasing the vision of God in our lives

by Scott Morris

New Moon Smiling

All I could hear were the sounds God’s world makes

by Larry Kinard

All Roads Lead to the Kitchen Table

A pilgrimage of community and broken paths

by Ashley-Anne Masters

Jumpstart Your Pilgrimage

Setting out on your at-home spiritual journey

Of Foreign Lands and Sacred Space

Pilgrimage through mental illness to restoration

by Barbara Scott

Why Are You Doing This?

A pilgrim's gift of hindsight

by Daniel H. Martins

Beat the Heat this Summer

Health ministry flyer

Hope for Caregivers

Find daily moments of refreshment with Henri J. M. Nouwen

Editor’s Note

by Rachel Davis

The Nature of Care

Claiming the church’s voice in the culture of caregiving

The Day No One Spoke Up

Applying love when injustice shows up

by Barbara L. Roose

Justice and Care

Two sides of the ethical coin

by Kendra G. Hotz

Reversing the Roles

Little daughters, grown-up decisions, and saying good-bye

by Susan Palwick