10 Tips for a Healthy Stay-Cation

Illustrated by Terri Scott

Vacation planning can sometimes be as stressful as a day job. So why not take that week off, sit down in your garden, your patio swing, your favorite living room chair, and just breathe? While this might seem boring, there’s actually plenty you can do to vacation in a healthy way! Here are some ways you can make your vacation a staycation:

  1. Lock down the computer, turn off your cell phone, and make time for you.
  2. Enjoy the immediate outdoors by gardening, walking around the neighborhood, or simply lounging on the porch.
  3. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t found the time.
  4. Invite friends over to share and unwind.
  5. Take time to reconnect with family you haven’t talked to in a while.
  6. Explore your culinary interests by giving new, exotic recipes a try.
  7. Do a world tour by immersing yourself in a new culture each day. Ever wondered what France is like? Listen to French music; cook up a French-inspired dinner; watch a French movie; and maybe even learn a bit of French online. Duolingo.com is a great language learning program—and it’s free!
  8. Need to get out of the house? Pick a location less than an hour away you’ve never been to—another town, a park, hiking trails, etc—and make a day trip of it.
  9. Learn something new. Take a horseback riding lesson, go rappelling, take a pottery-making class—look for opportunities in your area and take advantage!
  10. Volunteer for a day at a local museum, national park, art gallery, or concert hall —if you have a great experience, keep it up!

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