25 Examples of Praise & Encouragement

Using the power of positivity in everyday life

The childhood saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is far from true. Broken bones heal but the psychological impact of words can last a lifetime. As humans we have a natural desire to feel that we have done something good and right. This is true not only for adults but children as well. Children learn to control their behavior through all kinds of lessons, but mostly by watching their caregivers and wanting to please them and other teachers. This makes praise and encouragement a natural motivator for changing attention from undesirable behavior to desirable behavior that demonstrates that a child is growing in ability to be aware of what is appropriate and respectful behavior toward others. Here are 25 examples of praise and encouragement to help reinforce good behavior.

1. You’re bright.

2. You’ve got this. I believe in you.

3. I like the way you take turns.

4. Your inside voice is awesome.

5. You have great walking feet.

6. You are so brave!

7. That is so sweet!

8. You are so smart so kiss your brain!

9. Keep up the good work!

10. You are a shining star!

11. You are a wonderful listener!

12. I appreciate your hard work!

13. You have so much love to share!

14. Be proud of who you are.

15. You are unstoppable!

16. You are so talented.

17. You make me smile.

18. What a great friend you are!

19. You are on the right track!

20. You are using such kind words.

21. You are such a great leader!

22. You always try your best.

23. I love the way you solved that problem.

24. Wow! I’m proud of you!

25. Thank you for caring.

Excerpted from Parenting with Hope: Manage Challenging Behaviors with Consistency and Confidence. © Church Health 2018.


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