A Model Hospital

How one medical center is making the Model for Healthy Living come to life

by Mary Boland

Based on the Model for Healthy Living, these passports provide patients consistent engagement in their health program.

The OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Wellness Services has taken the Model for Healthy Living to a whole new level by using its structure in their Surgical Weight Loss Program. They’ve devised a revision of the information provided to patients by crafting Journey to Better Health Wellness Passports. The pocket-sized passports are easily portable so the patients can have consistent engagement in the program, and stickers received for the completion of activities, improvements in certain health areas, and attendance at support groups encourage them along their path towards wellness.
The passport is introduced in phase one of the program, when the patients prepare for surgery. It walks patients through the first few steps of the journey as they learn about a variety of topics that correspond to the Model and its icons. Topics include:

  • Nutritional planning and vitamins
  • Goal setting
  • Physical activity
  • Stress management
  • The importance of community

The support groups, to which patients have lifelong access, offer opportunities for learning holistic health. Incorporation of the Model is invaluable. The journey format provided in this program helps the patients see concrete progress, and set sights on tangible future goals for their health.
The passport is a tool meant to be used by patients throughout their surgery and beyond. As an easy reference, it keeps patients grounded in their original goals so they can have a successful surgery and a fulfilling life after.

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