Attending: Mindfulness, Medicine and Humanity

by Ronald Epstein, MD Reviewed by Sharon Thorpe

Attending: Mindfulness, Medicine and Humanity (Scribner, 2017) by Ronald Epstein, MD, is a book about mindfulness and medical practice. Dr. Epstein conducted research in this area highlighting the advantages not only for patients but also for medical providers. The book centers on the foundations of mindfulness in four segments, Attention, Curiosity, Beginner’s Mind, and Presence.

The demand for healthcare providers to do more, in less time, while delivering quality, effective, safe and compassionate care has become increasingly difficult. More providers, at all levels, experience compassion fatigue and burn out. Many ultimately declare, “I quit!” We’re human, right?

Dr. Epstein’s research and mindful programs show that mindfulness helps to bring the practitioner into the present, helps clear the mind, and improves focus. A few years ago, I began a personal practice of mindfulness meditation and breathing. It’s a wonderful way to set the tone for the day and help close the day in peace and gratitude. I find the process of connecting to God, with an open heart, brings me into alignment with peace within. My daily centering has helped me become a more effective, compassionate provider.

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