A Devotion for Those Grieving from Pregnancy Loss

How to Use Holding Hope

What is Holding Hope?

Holding Hope is a four-week Advent devotion for all those suffering from pregnancy loss. It is intended to be used by anyone who is grieving the loss of a child or children due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or other complications of premature births.

The four devotionals are written in light of the four Sundays of the Christian Season of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Each devotional offers a helpful perspective on a reading from scripture and questions for further discussion. We also provide a prayer template that helps you write your own prayers, and prayer examples from the perspective of a mother, father, child or sibling, and grandparent.

How would I or my church use Holding Hope?

Depending on your need, there are many different ways to use the devotionals and supplementary materials provided in the devotional guide. Individuals and couples may wish to light a candle each Sunday and read the devotional together at home. Friends and family members may meet weekly and discuss the questions in Further Thoughts, or use the prayers as a way of praying for someone who is affected by the loss. Congregational leaders and pastors may use the ideas throughout the guide to plan community worship services during Advent.

Why should my church offer Holding Hope this Advent?

While infertility, miscarriage and stillbirths are unfortunately common, the details and grief processes surrounding such losses are something we do not often discuss. Too many parents suffer in silence or solitude and feel that there is no appropriate way for them to talk about their grief. Moreover, the grief of losing a baby resurfaces or is often more intense during the holiday season. Perhaps the most significant reasons are that the Advent and Christmas seasons celebrate the birth of a child, and there is something magical about celebrating the Christmas season with children. Thus, Holding Hope is intentionally designed to speak to our grief in the midst of the hopeful expectance of Advent.

You can read an excerpt from Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss during Advent here.

Click here to learn more and purchase Holding Hope for yourself or someone you know grieving a pregnancy loss.

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