Back to School Prayers

Blessing and sustaining a new school year

Back-to-school can be a nervous time for everyone. Use these prayers to uphold people in prayer and to help you remember those who could use a word, touch, or small act of kindness as the new academic year gets underway.

A Prayer for Students
Lord, we lift hearts grateful for gifts of curiosity and imagination. Fill the minds of your children with a quest to understand your world, and bless their hearts with the security of knowing you are present whether the learning is joyful, hard, lonely, or full of friendship. Wherever they go, you are there. Amen.

A Prayer for Teachers
God, thank you for calling some to be teachers and providing them the gifts and training to lead others on a lifelong path of learning. Instill patience in hurried moments, insight to find the best strategies, and stamina that sustains when weariness threatens. Amen.

A Prayer for Parents
Precious Lord, we send our precious children into the world of learning, but they are never far from you. May the hearts of all at home be knit tightly together in a web of support and encouragement for healthy learning habits so we may share healthy life adventures wherever you lead. Amen.

A Prayer for All Who Serve
Our God, some are students, some are teachers, some are parents, but many more serve and support learners of all ages. Be present in the offices, buses, classrooms, and playgrounds of all who touch the lives of students. Give them words of encouragement and affirmation of the lasting value of the work they do each day. Amen.

Download the Back to School Prayers flyer here

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