Bible Study on the Move

Walking, talking, praying, and community

by Lauren Hales

In Crosstown Concourse, a mixed-use redevelopment located in Memphis, Tennessee, a dedicated group of people meets weekly to feed both their spirits and their bodies. Pastor Byron Fitchpatric, head pastor of the new Crosstown Church, lives in the Concourse with his family and volunteers with Church Health to lead this group in a time of Bible study and exercise.

According to Pastor Fitchpatric, he was interested in starting the walking Bible study because, “the study is a great reminder that body and soul go hand in hand. The health of one can have an extreme effect on the health of the other.” The walking Bible study began with a series of devotionals produced by Church Health that chronicle the unique physical journeys of Abraham and Sarah, Jesus, and Paul. These Walking With programs include six weeks of devotions, maps of the biblical lands, health tips, and even self-assessments to measure one’s personal journey toward health and wholeness.

The group now uses Walk and Talk: Walking Together with Scripture, a year-long walking Bible study and devotional to guide their meetings. The time spent at the beginning of the study is used to discuss the Scripture and pray, then the group goes together to walk a mile-long loop around Crosstown Concourse—using this walk to talk about their lives, their health goals, and their spiritual journeys.

As they are currently working their way through Walk and Talk, Pastor Fitchpatric says that the strength of the Bible study is that it is a “constant reminder to care for the body and the spirit … because if our bodies are experiencing health issues, it can cause us to doubt or question God’s provision for us in good health, when in fact we should play an active role in maintaining good health.”

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