Build Your Own Buddy Ball

by Mary Boland

Ready to start a program at your church? We asked Margaret Davis, coordinator at Buddy Ball Special Needs Athletic League in Clarksville, Tennessee, how to start a special needs sports program:

  1. Consider who is going to be involved in the program – children, teens, adults?
  2. Tailor the program to their needs and interests.
  3. Be flexible. Things will not always go as planned – run with it!
  4. Format the program to ensure that the participants are successful.
  5. Let the participants lead the way. Margaret says, “Just because they can’t get from point A to point B like we can doesn’t mean they can’t make it to point B – it’s just a different way.”

Also remember, baseball is just the beginning! Buddy Ball offers a wider range of sports, activities, and even karaoke! What can your church offer?

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