Book Review

Building Healthy Communities Through Medical-Religious Partnerships

reviewed by Bradley Gao

Drs. Hale and Bennett share personal stories and practical insights on how local congregations can become an educated, supportive community. With an approach that recognizes that body, mind and soul play a role in health, the authors champion the role that congregations can play in health education.

The book first lays the rationale and groundwork for a partnership between medical providers and congregations. It provides descriptions of partnerships between churches and medical organizations, underscoring the benefit that comes through intentionally working together for improved community health. The authors give specific suggestions for common health topics like heart disease, cancer and depression. Bennett and Hale also venture into sensitive topics like advance directives with helpful structures for approaching them in congregational settings.

A resource section and an appendix round out the book with practical approaches. It is ideal for individuals who want to learn about the basics of common conditions and create a health- conscious church community.

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