Circles of Community

An Activity to Identify and Celebrate the People in Your Life

How many people do you cross paths with in a week? How many opportunities do you have to give and receive support for healthier living? Here’s an activity you can do with nearly any age or group in your congregation, such as Sunday school classes, ministry teams, committees, choirs, or service groups. Follow these basic instructions.

  1. Make copies of the “Remember!” tag below, one for each person in your group.
  2. Use a glass or mug to trace circle shapes and cut them out. Everyone in the group gets five, cut from five different colors of construction paper. You can prepare these ahead of time or do this as part of your group time together.
  3. Connect each stack of five colors. You could push a brad through all five layers or punch a hole and hook one end of a paper clip through. Attach a copy of the “Remember!” tag below to each stack of circles. Keep everything loose enough to be able to move the circles easily.
  4. Explain to the group that the circles represent Circles of Community, such as work, family, friends, school, neighbors, teams, and so on. Label the circles. Not everyone has to have the same five labels.
  5. During the week, keep the circles with you. Each time you’re with a person or a group of people, write names on the circles to remind yourself about the opportunities you have to give and receive support through relationships for healthier living.
  6. Bring the circles back the next time you meet to talk about how Circles of Community support health and well-being.

Download the Remember tag here>>
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