Coaching Others to Better Health

Constant discovery of spirituality and health Q&A with Laura Todd

How does your daily experience of work offer the opportunity to appreciate your own skills, talents and gifts?

My job is never the same day to day, but as a health coach I can always count on the opportunity to be blessed by people’s histories and the faith stories they share with me. My job encourages me to ask hard questions, and to have my patients explore their own health possibilities, which makes me appreciate my listening skills and compassion most of all.

What gifts have you been surprised to discover in your life as you serve God and others?

My call to serve God is currently being shown through my husband’s and my journey to adoption. We are called to care for the widow and the orphan, and working with the adoption specialist and going through this process has showed me how to connect my personal life and work life into one call to serve God in a tangible way.

As you carry out your vocations, how do you answer the biblical call to care for body and spirit?

My vocations offer a very straightforward way to answer the biblical call to care for body and spirit. As a health coach, I get to encourage patients to take time for their health. I am the listening ear, sometimes the only one, for people who have not taken care of their physical and emotional health, and I get to help patients set goals and work their way toward wellness.

With two vocations, how do you manage time for Sabbath and restoration?

Since I preach on Sundays, my husband and I try to observe Sabbath on Saturdays, limiting the amount of work we do and intentionally spending time together and resting. We also love going to Memphis Grizzlies basketball games. We use our season tickets as our date nights and love the tradition.

What spiritual practice makes you better at your work?

The best way that I take care of myself is by exercising. It is a way for me to take a stressful day and relax. The other practice that I consider spiritually uplifting is my daily journaling and devotion, I try to start my mornings that way because it centers me and reminds me of the real reason that I’m a health coach—to fulfill God’s purpose.

Rev. Laura Todd is bivocational, serving both as a pastor and a wellness educator coordinator at Church Health in Memphis, Tennessee. She holds a BS in health and human performance, an MS in health promotion, and an MDiv. Laura is a certified health education specialist who enjoys watching sports with her husband. They are currently in the process of adoption!
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