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Making Your Church a Haven for Mental Health

by Hannah Walter

While mental health disorders are extremely common in the United States, cultural stigmas cause those who suffer to feel shame and, therefore, remain silent. For this reason, it is important that churches take part in the healing process for members and others in the community. Mental Health First Aid Training will help congregations ensure that these individuals do not suffer alone. Through this course, participants will learn more about the signs, symptoms and misconceptions of different disorders, as well as how to best respond to those who are in pain. Most importantly, the training creates a safe haven where help is given and recovery becomes possible.

57% of Adults in the U.S. will experience a MENTAL DISORDER during their lifetime

Three Things Your Church Can Do Now:

  1. Offer Mental Health First Aid Training during a congregational retreat or conference in order to equip a small group of laypeople with the tools and knowledge needed to recognize initial signs of mental health disorders.
  2. Create various support groups where respect and nonjudgmental listening are emphasized.
  3. Talk openly with your congregation about the prevalence of mental health disorders, as well as the stigmas associated with them. Do not be afraid to incorporate this into sermons, bulletin inserts, Bible studies, and special discussions.

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