Create a chemo care basket

Supporting a loved one with cancer

We asked Mike Martin, MD, medical oncologist at the West Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, what he has seen as the most effective items for his patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. Consider his suggestions and add your own!

  • Moisturizing lotion (such as Udderly Smooth Body Lotion) for the chafing of hands and feet that many chemotherapies cause
  • Antihistamine (such as Benadryl) for itching and rashes from chemotherapy
  • Shea Butter helps to lessen thickening of skin that happens as a result of radiation
  • Antacid (such as Pepcid AC) for reflux caused by steroids
  • A good water bottle for maintaining hydration during chemotherapy
  • A warm blanket for patients who get cold during chemotherapy
  • Ginger lozenges for help with nausea

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