Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I subscribe to Church Health Reader?

    You can subscribe to receive Church Health Reader by purchasing a subscription by calling (844) 312-3920.

  2. How do I change my mailing address?

    You can update and change your mailing address by calling (844) 312-3920.

  3. How do I renew my subscription?

    You can renew your current subscription by calling (844) 312-3920.

  4. Can I purchase an electronic version of ​Church Health Reader?

    Electronic copies of Church Health Reader are available through our online store.

  5. How do I buy copies of past issues of Church Health Reader?

    Copies of past issues are available for purchase through our online store. Bulk discounts are available.

  6. How do I buy a subscription to Church Health Reader for someone else and/or to give as a gift?

    You may purchase a gift subscription for someone else by calling (844) 312-3920.

  7. How do I buy bulk subscriptions?

    To order bulk subscriptions with addresses sent to the same address, call (844) 312-3920. To set up bulk mailing with shipping to different addresses, please fill out an order form and send it, with a list of all your recipients (excel spreadsheet preferred) to

  8. Do I have permission to copy and distribute something I find on Church Health Reader?

    Church Health Reader is licensed under Creative Commons license. You may share or adapt the material, and must give appropriate credit and indicate if changes were made.

  9. How do I submit an article or an idea?

    To submit an article or idea to the editor, please view our submission guidelines and email

  10. Is Church Health Reader available in other languages?

    Church Health Reader is currently available in English only.

  11. How can I support the ministry of the Church Health Center?

    Please make a donation, visit us online, follow us on social media or come see us in Memphis, Tennessee!

  12. How is Church Health Reader supported by Church Health?

    Church Health Reader is created by the resource production team at Church Health as part of the overall organizational mission. We are supported by the generosity of Church Health donors and by magazine subscribers.