Five Ways Congregations Can Support Caregivers

  1. Provide transportation for the care receiver to Bible studies or other groups that provide important social contact so that the caregiver can have some personal time at home.
  2. Drop off complete meals that meet the dietary needs and preferences of both caregiver and care receiver. This is helpful not only in time of acute illness or hospitalization but from time to time simply to relieve some pressure.
  3. Continue to include both caregiver and care receiver in congregational events by anticipating and accommodating needs.
  4. Telephone to check in at a time when the call does not have to be rushed. Listen more than anything else. Offer to pray for the circumstances right then on the phone.
  5. Rather than saying, “Let me know if I can do something,” ask, “Would it be all right if I … ” and make a specific offer of help—taking children for a special outing, making a run to the grocery store or another idea appropriate to the circumstances.

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