Five Wishes

An advance directive in everyday language

Filling out an advance directive can be intimidating. And while taking care of end-of-life concerns is not at the top of anyone’s preferred to-do list, when we do so, or encourage our loved ones to do so, it lifts the burden off family and friends during an already stressful and emotional time later. An advance care directive, such as Five Wishes, enables your family, friends, and doctor to make decisions on your behalf that are in line with what you would choose.

What is Five Wishes?

It’s an advance care planner that prioritizes accessibility, understanding, and comfort. Written in everyday language, it covers spiritual, medical, and legal wishes all in one place. Order from

What are the Five Wishes?

  • Wish One: The person who will make decisions for me
  • Wish Two: Medical treatment I want or don’t want
  • Wish Three: How I want to be comfortable
  • Wish Four: How I want others to treat me
  • Wish Five: What I want my loved ones to know

When you fill out the form, you can select from the options listed and cross out anything you do not agree with.

Is Five Wishes a legal document?

Five Wishes meets the legal requirements of 42 states. In the remaining states, extra steps with make sure the care planner complies with state requirements. See to find your state’s guidelines.

Can I change my wishes?

Five Wishes only takes effect when you are too ill to communicate. You can update your wishes at any time. Simply fill out the form again, destroy the old copies, and let your friends, family, and medical providers know of your changes.

Who should use Five Wishes?

An advance directive is not limited to the elderly or terminally ill. Everyone needs to consider the important medical decisions they want made on their behalf. No matter what stage of life you are in, the possibility that you will face a medical emergency where you cannot make your desires known is ever-present.

Take care of your loved ones and yourself. While you’re filling out your advance care directive, use the opportunity to introduce others to the concept and encourage them to think about their preferences as well. The peace of mind that comes with an advance directive is a gift for everyone involved.

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