Fresh Food for Thought

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are essential foods in every diet. Did you know certain fruits and vegetables could be healthier for you depending on if they are organic or grown locally? Here are some facts about local and organic foods and tips on how you can make sure you’re eating the freshest foods.

What are Local Foods?
These are foods that are grown within your own region, state or country. Local foods are explained by the United States Department of Agriculture as the distance between the food and the consumer.

What are Organic foods?
The United States Department of Agriculture prohibits the use of hormones, antibiotics, genetic engineering, radiation, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in organic foods.

How to Shop

Buy Local: Foods you eat on occasion
If it’s a food that you just eat every now and then, it’s often best to buy locally. Just make sure to talk to the local farmers that grow the food in your area and make sure they don’t spray pesticides on their produce.

Buy Organic: Foods you eat everyday
If you eat a certain fruit or vegetable every day, you should consider buying organic.

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