Get Your Family Moving

Movement and exercise aren’t just for adults. In fact, there are simple ways that even the busiest family can get moving. Try out these tips for exercise and movement that can be enjoyed by the kids, teens and adults, together.

Walk More
Go for a pre- or post-dinner walk. Building a walk into your daily schedule is a great way to ensure everyone is getting some exercise.

Play Games
Choose active activities. Instead of choosing family activities where you are sitting, like movies, board games, or video games do things like riding bikes, playing frisbee, or tag in the yard. And when you go to the park, play with the kids!

Make It Fun
Turn TV commercials into fitness breaks. Invent silly names for simple exercises (pushups = Bob the Builder Muscle Builders) and then do them together until the show comes back on. You can also have the kids take turns being the leader and deciding which exercise to do.

Dance Around
Turn on the music and start to dance. Get the whole family moving and being silly together.

Plant A Garden
Gardening is a great way to exercise plus the whole family can enjoy the fruits of their labor with fresh flowers or produce. Yard work such as raking leaves and jumping in them is another way to get everyone moving.

Learn Something New
Take a class. Do a new activity together such as karate, yoga or dance or join a sports team.

Choose Wisely
Choose video games and TV shows wisely. You don’t have to completely cut out screen time. Look for games and programs that get kids moving.

Download the printable Get Your Family Moving flyer here

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