Growing an International Garden

They have come from Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and other countries all over the world, but they are all growing in Texas. That is, they are growing mustard, cilantro, peppers and yard-long beans, while also growing connections to each other and their new home.

With their refugee neighbors, St. Francis Episcopal Church is growing in relationship with their surrounding community while growing a unique congregational partnership between First Baptist Church, University United Methodist Church, and Catholic Charities. The result of all this growth is the International Community Garden of San Antonio, which provides gardening space and resources for the growing refugee population in Texas. This innovative community garden creates meaningful work and opportunities for social interaction, all in the midst of a beautiful jungle of healthy foods. When refugees began moving into the neighborhood of St. Francis Episcopal Church, they took their time to decipher how they could be in ministry with their new neighbors. The opportunities came with the community garden partnership.

To learn more about the International Community Garden click here.

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