Healthy Holiday Hospitality

by Church Health Reader Editors

Whether you’re hosting a huge family dinner or sleeping on a couch for the night, the holidays often bring opportunities to offer and receive hospitality. Here are some tips to make guests feel welcome and to be a generous houseguest yourself.

If you’re hosting …

Seek a centering-something to anchor the event. Make a centerpiece yourself, or gather some friends together the day before to help make something fun and creative.

For overnight guests, include extra toiletries, a magazine or even a spare key to make them feel at home. Also be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions and try to provide options.

When wondering if you’ve got enough room, err on the side of inclusion. Hospitality is often about opening up the doors and trusting that five loaves and two fish will somehow be enough!

If you’re a guest …

Bring a little something, and send along a little something afterward.

Be particularly conscious of shared spaces, like bathrooms or the kitchen, and do your best to be tidy.

If you’re staying overnight, skip the sweets and bring a basket of fresh fruit.

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