Hymn of Healing: In Our Hearts and Neighborhoods

Tune: Royal Oak

by Deborah Patterson

Health ministry leaders are gardeners, sowing seeds of peace, healing and hope in communities across the world, for people of all ages. The Church is not called just to serve its own, but to reach out beyond the doors of the sanctuary to lonely neighbors, children and struggling youth. This hymn reminds us that as healers in the church, we are called to a ministry of restorative hope.

In Our Hearts and Neighborhoods
Tune: Royal Oak


In our hearts and neighborhoods
We sow the seeds of peace.
We would plant community,
Love’s harvest to increase.

We work for hope and healing.
We seek the lonely soul.
We stretch out hands in friendship,
That God might make us whole.  Refrain

We pray for all the children,
For youth who need our care,
For lonely homebound elders
Whose gifts they long to share. Refrain

Oh, send us forth in courage,
Equipped with grace to know
Diversity’s rich garden,
God’s love and care to grow. Refrain

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