Fall 2015: Trauma and Moral Injury

Editor’s Note: The cover of this edition was awarded the 2015 Award of Merit for Magazine Cover by the Associated Church Press.

Growing Hope
by Andrea Blanch
The One Who Comforts
by Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger
Living in Conflict, Living in Abundance: Q&A with Raeda Mansour
by Jeff Hulett
After the Tragedy
by William Miller
Spiritual Care for Spiritual Distress
by Cynthia Wacker
Trauma and the Model for Healthy Living
by Andrea Blanch
Review of Bearing the Unbearable: Trauma, Gospel and Pastoral Care
by Mary Boland
Programs and Models
A Community Called Home
by Elsa Anders Peters
Surveying the Safety Nets
by John Mills
Bodily Blessings: Invisible Countries
by Susan Palwick
Lifelines: $5 Home Run
by Scott Morris
Model Moments
Faith Life: A Model Hospital
Movement: It Takes Two to Tango (or three, or four…)
Medicine: How to Think Like a Doctor
Work: Multitasking – A Help or a Hindrance?
Emotional: Congregations on Call
Nutrition: Green Bean Casserole recipe
Friends and Family: Intergenerational Living
Walking in Forgiveness
by Faith Simone
Editor’s Note
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