Fall 2018: Congregational Care for Clergy Health

Editors Note

Health Ministry Connections: How to Use This Issue in Your Congregation


Leading, Living and the Way to Health: Q&A with Jim Wallis
By Rachel Davis

The Pastor’s Health
By Scott Morris

Partnership for Better Health

Searching for Sabbath
By Denise Baker

Moving and Resting

All for the Kingdom
By Matthew Patrick

Sharing Your Struggles

Programs and Models

The Model for Healthy Living for Clergy

Model Moments

Faith Life: Healthy Living for Stronger Faith
Medicine: Migraine Misconceptions
Movement: Negative Nerves of Exercise
Work: Agape Means Love
Emotional: Mental Health First Aid 
Nutrition: Healthy Eating with Diabetes
Friends and Family: Cold Weather Precautions 


True North: Crossroads Large and Small
By Tracy Hilts

Lifelines: One of Them Was Mine
By: Scott Morris