Fall 2019 I Building a Vibrant Health Ministry: Mobilize Strengths in Your Congregation

Editors Note

Health Ministry Connections: How to Use This Issue in Your Congregation


Empowering to Healing Work
Jesus’ model for ministry
By Jill Westberg McNamara

Health Ministry Inventory 

The C.U.R.E. Method
Organizing for Health Ministry

Down to Practicalities
Health ministry ideas you can use
By Deborah Patterson

Pull-out Resource
The Model for Healthy Living for Health Ministry: Self-assessment, Reflection, and Goals

Programs and Models
Opioid Crisis in the Pew  
By Jim Morgan and Joe Bohn

Your Church and Opiods| An action plan for your community

Model Moments
Faith Life | Inspiration for Your Health: Scripture Cards for Advent and Christmas
Medicine | Fight Fear of Falling: Tips for Avoiding Fall-related Medical Events
Movement | Gym Phobia: Conquering nerves about joining a gym
Work | My Work
Emotional | Shaping a Healthy Mind: Nurturing mental health in children 
Nutrition | 10 Tips for the Season: Holiday Nutrition Strategies
Friends and Family | The Church Family and Adopting Families: Living out the spirit of adoption

Bible Study Outlines
Building a Vibrant Health Ministry: 4 Bible Study Outlines