Spring 2015: Christian Healing

Healing Christian Healing
by Katherine Willis Pershey
A Healing Trust
by Shively T. J. Smith
Sing for Health’s Sake
by John L. Bell
A Modern Day Disciple: Q&A with Martin Marty on Granger Westberg
by Stacy Smith
The Healing Word: A review of Healing in the Bible by Frederick J. Gaiser
by Mary Boland
Programs and Models
Holy, Healing and Heart Healthy
by Mary Boland
Wheels of Wellness: Living Compass, The Model for Healthy Living, and the Lutheran Wholeness Wheel
by Susan Martins Miller
Bodily Blessings: Every Inch
by Susan Palwick
Lifelines: Do Not Spit. Holy Place.
by Scott Morris
Editor’s Note
The Bulletin:
Ministry Moment: At Play Before God
Review of Foundations of Faith Community Nursing
Our Favorite Retreat Centers
Bulletin Board mental health awareness walks
Talking to Children about Mental Health healthy flyer
Model Moments:
Faith Life: Living Compass Coaching Program
Movement: 5 Ways to Make your Church more Bike-Friendly
Medicine: Fast Facts about Food Allergies
Work: Jubilee Assistance Fund
Emotional: A Light in the Darkness: Q&A with Lee Wolfe Blum
Food: Feasting with Jesus: Review of The Food and Feasts of Jesus
Friends and Family: Capturing Love
In Remembrance of Me
by Joanna Hipp