Spring 2016: Innovation

The Creativity Story
by Ashley Goff
Every Church an Innovator
by Floyd Thompkins and Byron Bland
Name, Bless, Connect
by Mike Mather
Scarcity and Abundance: Q&A with Walter Brueggemann
by Stacy Smith
A Zone for Shalom
by Michael J. Christensen
Programs and Models
Building in the Black Belt
by Mary Boland
Mental Illness and Belonging
by Michael Tanner
What I Learn From Marty: They Done Broke Our Grandson
by Larry Kinard
Lifelines: Choosing Church
by Scott Morris
Model Moments
Faith Life: Go Green at Your Church
Movement: Gonna Make You Sweat: Sweaty Sheep Ministries
Medicine: Finding Room for a Furry Friend
Work: Everyday Ergonomics
Emotional: Responding to Trauma Triggers
Nutrition: A Healthy Church Starts with Healthy Seminarians 
Friends and Family: A Place to Call Home
God is a Master Planner
by Kat Franchino