Summer 2012: Why Movement Matters

Heavy Faith, Healthy Bodies
by Gary Thomas
Clergy Health: A Priority in Mississippi
by Darian Duckworth
A Church on the Move
by Reggie Weaver
Walking Makes Any Place Holy: Reflections on the Camino de Santiago with Arthur Paul Boers
by Grace Glenny and Christian Man
Programs and Models
Shapin’ Up Fitness Camp: Q&A with Michelle Romain
by Sarah Ranson
Program Focus: Walk to Bethlehem and Walk to Jerusalem
by Church Health Reader Editors
Ask Deborah: Children’s Health
by Deborah Patterson
Bodily Blessings: Water and the Spirit
by Susan Palwick
Editor’s Note
CH Bulletin:
Building Community on the Roof: Metro Baptist Church in New York, NY
Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder
Summer of Herbs 
Movie Review: Vision
Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life
Running – The Sacred Art
Eat Your Fruits and Veggies Flyer
Healthy Eating:
Summer Panzanella Salad – 6 servings and 100 servings
Breathing with God
by Jeanette Cooper Hicks 
We Teach our Children
by Kira Dault