Summer 2019 I Aging and Well-being: Navigating New Pathways for Health and Faith

The Summer 2019 issue of Church Health Reader looks at aging and well-being and how congregations can support the challenges and gifts of later life.

Editors Note

Health Ministry Connections: How to Use This Issue in Your Congregation

Starring Roles Late in Life
Biblical perspectives on aging
By Robin Gallaher Branch

Quick Facts on Aging and How the Church Can Help

Limits of Life, Grace in Transitions
Q&A with Martin E. Marty and Peter W. Marty
By Susan Martins Miller

Looking for New Life
A place for congregations to care
By Joyce Dinkins

Changing Ages, Changing Bodies
The church’s call to support wellness as members age
By Laura Todd

Bible Study Outlines
Aging and Well-Being: 4 Bible Study Outlines

Programs and Models
Cords of Grace
Congregational care for memory loss
By Debby Frantti and Molly Henning

Model Moments
Faith Life: Emergency Preparedness
Medicine: Sleep—It’s Not Just for Babies
Movement: My Movement
Work: Bringing Health to Work 
Emotional: Reflections for Times of Loss
Nutrition: Tips for Healthy Picnics and BBQs
Friends and Family: Building Healthy Habits in Kids