Winter 2016: Living our Limits


Rejection and Grace
by Bethany Keener
Living our Limits
by Darla Schumm
To Belong, We Need to be Missed: Q&A with John Swinton
by Jessica Bratt Carle
It Takes a Village
by Kristin Hughes Srour
Dis-abling Pain
by Michelle M. Lelwica
Review of Disability in the Christian Tradition: A Reader
by Mary Boland
Programs and Models
To Be Known and Loved
by Mary Button
Church Health Center Impact Report
by Church Health Center Staff
Bodily Blessings: There is No Them
by Susan Palwick
Lifelines: Yearning for Healing
by Scott Morris
Model Moments
Faith Life: Get Your Churches Going!
Movement: Home on the Road
Medicine:Who is Responsible for your Health Care?
Work: Empowering the Church to Fight Joblessness
Emotional: Trauma’s Trail of Tears
Nutrition: Pay it Forward Kitchens
Friends and Family: 5 Ways to Help a Refugee Ministry
by Mike Samson
Editor’s Note
Home Grown 
Editor’s Note: This issue won the Award of Excellence for a Theme Issue, Section or Series at the 2016 Associated Church Press Awards.