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Parenting with Hope: Manage Challenging Behavior with Consistency and Confidence is a resource for the real world. Chock full of information about the behaviors of children, it offers concrete strategies with step-by-step guidance to implement them at home. Photocopy worksheets to use and re-use as planning tools and as visual encouragement for children to progress toward desired behaviors that show they are growing and learning in  their awareness of their ability to be responsible for their choices and enjoy the positive results. Practical tips to use every day pepper the pages. And in the middle of all this also rises an understanding of how faith develops in a child even amid the years of challenging behaviors, encouraging parents  with hope that what they’re doing in the small moments matters in the big picture.

What’s included in Parenting With Hope?

  • Nine chapters on parenting with hope
  • Six concrete strategies to manage behaviors
  • Step-by-step instructions to implement strategies
  • Reproducible worksheets for planning
  • Child-friendly charts
  • Practical examples and tips
  • Nine guides for leading group sessions
  • Scripture coloring cards for mindful parenting and more!

How can you use Parenting With Hope?

  • Individually or with a co-parent
  • With small-groups of parents in your congregation
  • Leading training sessions with groups of parents
  • Formulating a philosophy for handling challenging behavior within children’s ministry
  • Helping parents and children’s ministry staff partner to benefit children
  • Community outreach programs that meet practical needs
  • Mentoring relationships across generations

Who can use Parenting With Hope?

  • Parents and co-parents
    Work through the chapters one at a time and pause to thoughtfully complete the worksheets and make intentional plans about how you will use each of the strategies you learn.
  • Small group of friends
    Use the book with other parents in your congregation or your child’s school in a weekly format following the session guides provided.

Features of Parenting With Hope:

10 reproducible planning worksheets and child-friendly charts

18 reproducible Scripture coloring cards for mindful parenting

Each chapter includes Faith Features to encourage parents in their faith and help them understand how faith is forming in their child

Final takeaway reminders for each chapter discussed


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