Living Compass Coaching Program

Wellness is grounded in community. This is one of the core principals of the Living Compass Coaching Program, founded by Scott and Holly Stoner. Designed specifically for congregations, Living Compass resources focus on wellness of the heart, soul, strength and mind. These resources seek to give churches tools to pursue the wholeness God intends for us all, with particular attention on eight areas of a whole life: spirituality, emotions, relationships, care for body, stress, vocation, organization, and rest and play. Living Compass not only offers resources for adults, but the dynamic approach is also offered in a similar resource designed specifically for teens and parents.

The flagship program is the Congregational Wellness Advocate (CWA) training, which equips participants to create communities of caring within the context of their congregation. These trainings educate participants in three ways to serve their congregation: outreach resources, formation resources and small group coaching programs. CWA training events are offered in a retreat setting, teaching participants to first learn and practice spiritual practice and the pursuit of wellness themselves.

The small group coaching component—also known as Living Compass groups—at first glance may seem similar to a traditional support group, but the congregation-based groups seek to be much more than that. Each member is encouraged to explore an aspect of a whole life and evaluate areas for change. With the support and encouragement of the group, members make achievable goals for changes to move toward a fuller life. The small group also is a community that shows grace to its members when goals aren’t easily achieved and one that encourages each member while refraining from judgment.

Focusing on caring for ourselves in community with one another creates authentic conversations among church members. At the core of the Living Compass model are the seeds of faith in our lives and the community we share with others. Find more information at

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