One of Them Was Mine

An unforgettable lesson from the voting booth

by Scott Morris

The Pastor’s Health

by Scott Morris

Editor’s Note

by Rachel Davis

Leading, Living, and the Way to Health

Q&A with Jim Wallis

by Rachel Davis

Healthy Living for Stronger Faith

Connect to God with Your Whole Self

Eating Healthy with Diabetes

Migraine Misconceptions

Straight facts on a misunderstood condition

The Model for Healthy Living for Clergy

Self-assessment, Reflection, and Goals

Partnership for Better Health

Fall 2018 Health Ministry Connections

How to Use This Issue in Your Congregation

Cold Weather Precautions

Keeping everyone safe as the weather changes

Negative Nerves of Exercise

Changing language and perception

The Way of the Pilgrim

Learning prayer in the mindful life

by Scott Morris

Sanctuary, Silence, and Service

A congregation’s venture into mindful worship

by Lauren Hales

Will It Really Make Me Feel Better?

The research on mindfulness and medicine

by Jane Slatery

Wise Words, Abundant Hearts

Offering peace through blessing

by Tracy Hilts

Coaching Others to Better Health

Constant discovery of spirituality and health Q&A with Laura Todd

Sweetening Summer with Peppers

Colorful add-ins with flavor

25 Examples of Praise & Encouragement

Using the power of positivity in everyday life

The Root of Dental Care

by Lauren Hales

Bible Study on the Move

Walking, talking, praying, and community

by Lauren Hales

Take Every Thought Captive

Watchfulness for healthy stress management

by Philip G. Monroe

Hosting for the Holidays

6 tips for simple ways to reduce stress and enjoy guests


Congregational Mental Health

A review of The Lifesaving Church: Faith Communities and Suicide Prevention by Rachael A. Keefe

reviewed by Lauren Hales

Mindfulness in the Christian Tradition

by Tim Stead

Summer 2018 Health Ministry Connections

How to Use This Issue in Your Congregation

Back to School Prayers

Blessing and sustaining a new school year

A New Heart Finds a New Home

A legacy in transition

by Aubrey Beauchamp

Start your mindful devotional walk with the Walking With series

Jumpstart Mindful Walking

How to Take a Mindful Devotional Walk

Summer 2018 Editor’s Note

by Rachel Davis

Getting Started with Mindfulness

From Life to Prayer

Talking to God by writing psalms


Adverse Childhood Experiences

What they are, why they matter, and what a congregation can do

by Lauren Hales

Celebrate Differences for Healthier Children and Communities

Speak and model the language of racial solidarity at church

by Michelle Reyes

Calling, Cadence and Clapping

A place where God found me

by Scott Morris

How to Vanquish an Elephant

The healing choice of love

by Tracy Hilts

MESH Monday: Experience, Strength, and Hope

Sacred Space of Community and Worship

Black Church Food Security Network

by Lauren Hales

Live the Life You Were Created For

A review of The Dream of You: Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For by Jo Saxton

reviewed by Susan Martins Miller

In Silence and Stretching

A chaplain finds his vocation Q&A with Jonathan Lewis

FAITH! Fostering African-American Improvement in Total Health

by Lauren Hales

Centering Prayer

Set an intention to become open to God’s presence

by Lauren Hales

Why Church Is the Place to Talk about Sexuality

Q&A with Kate Ott

by Kate Ott

Green Bean Casserole

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

It Takes Two to Tango (or three, or four…)

How Synchronic Exercise Can Affect Our Well-Being

Get Your Family Moving

Tips for Adding Steps to Your Day

Congregations, Clinics, and Consultants

ECHO God’s love by starting a faith-based charitable medical clinic

by Josh Roberts

Laughter Yoga

An annoyance leads to a joyous calling

by Katie Zimmerman