Book Review

Reclaiming the Body

Christians and the Faithful Use of Modern Medicine

reviewed by Isabella Basco

Modern medicine is changing patients’ lives every-day for the better in today’s society. With the emergence of technology and innovation in this ever-changing society, it is easy to forget the role faith plays in the hospital rooms. But where does faith take a role in healthcare? How can we trust our religion as well as the feedback from medical professionals?

Reclaiming the Body explores the perspectives of a theologian and physician, explaining how theology and medicine tie together. Touching on subjects like suffering and anointing, society’s obsession with self-image as well as medicine as a serving and calling, Reclaiming the Body’s main message reminds readers that while medicine determines health, it does not determine the identity of who Christians are—parts of an immortal community called the Body of Christ. Shuman and Volck provide an intimate vision for how knowledge of God’s word can help medicine stay rooted in faith and cultivate better physicians.

Brazos Press, 2006

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