Start a cancer support group in your church

Supporting a loved one with cancer

  1. Evaluate the resources available to you and make a list of logistical concerns. What spaces are available for you to meet? How many members can you accommodate? Will you need volunteer help?
  2. Plan the best ways to promote your new ministry. Post flyers, make announcements at church functions and masses, and even set up a website.
  3. Develop a plan of action for providing content at the meetings. Consider covering topics like health insurance and treatment options. Speakers, videos and workshops can provide engaging presentations.
  4. Assess your available finances. What will you need to pay for? What sort of fundraising is your group capable of organizing?
  5. Understand the needs of your members. Do you have the ability to address their emotional, spiritual and physical needs?
  6. Think about the importance of prevention. How can you encourage screenings in your local congregation? What screenings could you offer?
  7. Offer a special service of healing for members of your community with cancer, perhaps once a month or at a special time of the year. How might you bring cancer awareness and support into your regular worship service?
  8. Ask for help! If you’re nervous about starting a group, contact your local American Cancer Society representative and ask them to help. Often local organizations will come to your congregation and help host a support group.

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