Statement from the Editor

by Stacy Smith

Friday, July 8, 2016

Church Health Reader encourages and equips people of faith to create and sustain Christian ministries of health, healing and wholeness. In our publication, we broadly define the word health and utilize the model of the social determinants of health to explore multiple factors that can positively or negatively influence an individual’s, or a community’s, health. We also draw on our own, internally-developed Model for Healthy Living to describe the interconnectedness of human life as created by God. In that model, we understand that community, or our Friends and Family, is just as much a part of living a healthy life as diet, exercise, and medical care.

Today, we attest that the health of our Friends and Family is under a direct threat. The agony of such consistent, tragic violence, the scale of which seems to be increasing, is both a theological and a public health tragedy. Violence is the opposite of health. 

As a platform created by people of faith to support faith communities, Church Health Reader prays for our Friends and Family who are devastated by the violence perpetrated on individuals, communities and countries. We also commit to continuing our efforts to provide quality resources for people of faith to build healthy communities, especially among those who are the most vulnerable, and most especially when our ability to live in harmony with God’s creation is under such immediate threat.

Violence borne of hatred is never healthy, but grief often is. We grieve and pray with you, our Friends and Family, and we bear you into the sheltering arms of our loving, mourning God.

With hope for healing,
The Rev. Dr. Stacy C. Smith
Editor, Church Health Reader

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