The Day No One Spoke Up

Applying love when injustice shows up

by Barbara L. Roose

Cradle to Grave

How my mother’s rebirth in recovery planted the seeds for my own rebirth in baptism

by Susan Palwick

Artful Aging

How churches are developing community partnerships to provide creative therapy for seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia

by Melissa Huff

A Modern Day Disciple

Q&A with Martin E. Marty on Granger Westberg

by Stacy Smith

Holy, Healing and Heart Healthy

Red Dress Sunday at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland

by Mary Boland

Imago Dei

Poverty, Equality and the Trinity

by Cláudio Carvalhaes

The Sick Poor and the Origins of Medical Charity

Classical antiquity had no hospitals, foundations or philanthropic charities. Christianity changed all that.

by Gary Ferngren


by Kendra Hotz & Matthew Mathews

Laughing to Healing

How a pastor’s gaffe brought healing to a traumatized congregation

by Teri Thomas

Seriously Funny Spirituality

Q&A with Father Jim Martin

by Stacy Smith

Let Us Laugh! Finding Joy in the Face of Cancer

Q&A with the Rev. Susan Sparks

by Stacy Smith

Mustard Seeds

Sometimes just a few words make a big difference

by Susan Palwick

Live. Laugh. Love.

by Ashley-Anne Masters

The Seventh-Inning Stretch

Relief, rest and respect for those who are weary and weighted down

by David Waters

The Unplugged Pastor

by Darian Duckworth

The Longest Night

A worship service where sorrow is welcome

by Stacy Smith

Spinning in the ICU

by Susan Palwick

We Teach Our Children

by Kira Dault

The Last Shift

by Susan Palwick

Making Room for Yoga

by Darian Duckworth