Building Healthy Habits in Kids

Easy tips to shape choices

by Kimberly Baker

Adverse Childhood Experiences

What they are, why they matter, and what a congregation can do

by Lauren Hales

Refreshed at The Well

A ministry model where children are agents of change

by Kimberly Baker

Jumpstart Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

Let the Children Come

Growing Healthy Children through Congregational Life

by Doreen Olson and Steve Burger

Mealtime Blessings

40 Prayers to Sing & Say

by Kira Dault

Welcoming the Stranger

5 Ways to Help a Refugee Ministry

Psalm 98 Revisited

by Elizabeth Burke

Nature-Centered Learning

Faith-based nature preschools

by Mary Boland

A Letter to my Daughter…

On Her First Easter in Heaven

by Robyn Bles


Being fearfully, wonderfully and differently made

by Mike Samson

Trauma’s Trail of Tears

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

by Mary Boland

Gather Around the Table Coloring Page


Whole Wheat Ginger Bread Loaf

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

10 Healthy Holiday Traditions

by Church Health Reader Editors

Everybody Needs a Buddy

A Methodist church in Memphis provides a better baseball game for people with special needs

by Mary Boland

Prayers Per Mile

In times of strength and sorrow, running is my prayer

by Robyn Bles

At Play Before God

St. Catherine Play Church in Malmö, Sweden

Talking with Children about Mental Health

by Church Health Reader Editors

Chronic Neurologic Conditions and the Church

by Bill Holmes
Book Review

Sex + Faith

Talking With Your Child from Birth to Adolescence

reviewed by Mary Boland

Reaching Out

by Susan Palwick

Comfort, Comfort My People

Struggling with Infertility

by Deborah Patterson