Alone in My Body

by Liuan Huska

The thought that the pain might be chronic flashed into my mind while walking around Herrick Lake with a couple friends visiting town. I had limped about a quarter mile down the trail and someone had stopped to admire some Queen Anne’s lace. A queasy feeling snaked through my insides as I tried to focus […]

The Mission of God in Times of Pain

Course corrections to the unseen path

by Aubrey Sampson

It was 2015. My husband, Kevin, and I had just opened the doors to our brand new church plant in the Chicago area and celebrated my first book’s launch. We rejoiced in all of God’s work in our personal lives and in our neighborhood. That same week, I woke up inexplicably unable to walk. Assuming […]

Editor’s Note

by Rachel Davis

I’ve lived my whole life with chronic pain. Well, not me personally, but up close with people I care deeply about for whom chronic pain is a part of daily life. Because of these relationships, I’ve always been tuned in to the nuances of managing life with pain that doesn’t go away. I’ve also experienced […]

Genuine Ways You Can Help

by Aubrey Sampson

If you’ve ever been in a hard season, you know that advice is a tricky thing. It’s well meant, of course. But in their attempt to be helpful, a lot of people can say stuff that’s, well, not. So if you’re walking with someone who’s going through some serious pain, here’s are some genuine ways […]

The Restoring Community

The church’s healing role in a hurting body

by Xochitl E. Dixon

With stabbing pain in my upper back, I pressed my face into my pillow and sobbed. A cool breeze from the open living room window brushed over my knotted trapezius muscles and stiff neck. Housebound. Alone. Hurting. The chatter of birds in our yard joined the rhythm of throbs against my temple as a headache […]

Where God Meets Us: Faithful, Responsive Everyday Life

An excerpt from Our Work, God's World: Daily Devotions at Advent

This devotional guide looks at the faithful, responsive lives of Zechariah, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, and John the Baptizer. Each day’s devotional includes a Scripture passage, a reflection, questions to ponder, and a prayer for individual use or sharing with a friend or small group. After those days his wife Elizabeth conceived, and for five months […]

A Journey of Faith Through Advent

An excerpt from Walking to the Manger: An Advent Devotional

Walking to the Manger: An Advent Devotional is a collection of devotionals inviting you to make walking, reflecting and prayer a part of your daily Advent practice. Every week begins with an opportunity to set a “movement goal,” or a reasonable physical challenge for yourself. For a child has been born for us, a son […]

One of Them Was Mine

An unforgettable lesson from the voting booth

by Scott Morris

When I was 18, I voted in my first election. I was excited about participating in the democratic process. It was 1972, and the Vietnam War was winding down. I had missed Woodstock and most of the anti-war movement, but I was old enough to register for the draft. I wanted the war to end. […]

The Pastor’s Health

by Scott Morris

Let’s start with a short quiz. Be honest. Don’t overthink your reactions. Everyone else on the missions committee can make a Thursday meeting at 6:30. The pastor says he can’t. The group reschedules, even though it means delaying the meeting by two weeks. On Thursday evening, you’re walking your dog in the park and see […]

Healthy Living for Stronger Faith

Connect to God with Your Whole Self

As God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. … And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. — Colossians 3:12, 14 Our faith doesn’t just connect us to God with our spirits but as whole beings. How do […]


Leading, Living, and the Way to Health

Q&A with Jim Wallis

by Rachel Davis

Jim Wallis is president and founder of Sojourners in Washington, DC, a nonprofit faith-based organization, network, and movement whose mission statement calls for “putting faith into action for social justice.” He is editor in chief of Sojourners magazine and website, Wallis is a bestselling author, public theologian, national preacher, social activist, and international commentator […]

Editor’s Note

by Rachel Davis

Ten years ago, in November 2008, we first launched Church Health Reader online. As I think about those first few months, one goal of our new publication was to provide clergy with the tools they needed to be healthier in body and spirit. Vocational ministry is not an average job. The typical stresses and complexities […]

Migraine Misconceptions

Straight facts on a misunderstood condition

Misconception #1: A migraine is a bad headache. Migraine is a complex neurological disease with incapacitating symptoms. It usually includes severe throbbing pain, but symptoms may also include visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, extreme sensitivity to light, sound and smell, and heavy fatigue. It’s the third most prevalent illness in the world—about 12 percent of […]

Fall 2018 Health Ministry Connections

How to Use This Issue in Your Congregation

Clergy health and effective leadership of a congregation go hand in hand. Clergy pour themselves into caring for and leading a congregation, and a congregation that supports the health of its clergy enters into a partnership of ministry that benefits clergy, congregation, and community. This issue of Church Health Reader highlights some practical aspects of […]

The Model for Healthy Living for Clergy

Self-assessment, Reflection, and Goals

Beloved I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, just as it is well with your soul. —3 John 2 The Model for Healthy Living for Clergy reflects that true wellness is not just about your body but also about the interconnectedness of body and spirit […]

The Way of the Pilgrim

Learning prayer in the mindful life

by Scott Morris

When I was a student at Yale Divinity School, professor and author Henri Nouwen was always talking about the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” The idea is that you repeat it over and over to clear your mind of other thoughts. On a couple of occasions with […]

Sanctuary, Silence, and Service

A congregation’s venture into mindful worship

by Lauren Hales

At Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Marshall, Texas, gentle lighting, calming instrumental music, and flickering candles interspersed throughout the sanctuary contribute to the immediate sense of calm and welcome worshippers have come to expect at the Sunday night contemplative service. This congregation of Cumberland Presbyterians are innovating what a Sunday’s worship schedule looks like by offering […]

Wise Words, Abundant Hearts

Offering peace through blessing

by Tracy Hilts

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Thankfully, the fallacy of this adage has become clear. We know words do devastate, and we know words do bless. In healthy relationships, we choose our words wisely to avoid tearing down one another. We are also wise to cultivate healthy relationships […]


Coaching Others to Better Health

Constant discovery of spirituality and health Q&A with Laura Todd

How does your daily experience of work offer the opportunity to appreciate your own skills, talents and gifts? My job is never the same day to day, but as a health coach I can always count on the opportunity to be blessed by people’s histories and the faith stories they share with me. My job […]

Bible Study on the Move

Walking, talking, praying, and community

by Lauren Hales

In Crosstown Concourse, a mixed-use redevelopment located in Memphis, Tennessee, a dedicated group of people meets weekly to feed both their spirits and their bodies. Pastor Byron Fitchpatric, head pastor of the new Crosstown Church, lives in the Concourse with his family and volunteers with Church Health to lead this group in a time of […]

Summer 2018 Health Ministry Connections

How to Use This Issue in Your Congregation

Mindfulness, Christian tradition, and health care—three threads intertwine for fuller, balanced lives open to the presence of God in both ordinary moments and larger experiences. In many congregations, this combination may be unfamiliar, and this issue of Church Health Reader helps bring the experiences together for improved health. How can you use this issue in […]

Back to School Prayers

Blessing and sustaining a new school year

Back-to-school can be a nervous time for everyone. Use these prayers to uphold people in prayer and to help you remember those who could use a word, touch, or small act of kindness as the new academic year gets underway. A Prayer for Students Lord, we lift hearts grateful for gifts of curiosity and imagination. […]

A New Heart Finds a New Home

A legacy in transition

by Aubrey Beauchamp

In the early 1970s a friend and I were employed in a brand-new hospital. The paint on the walls had barely dried. It didn’t take us long to identify other Christians on the new staff. Since my home was nearby, we invited several employees for prayer and fellowship once a week. We prayed specifically for […]

Start your mindful devotional walk with the Walking With series

Church Health’s Walking With devotional books offer tools to invite the movement of God into the movement of your body. Each of these books includes 42 days—six full weeks—of daily devotions designed to help readers make small changes and simple lifestyle improvement to health and faith. Participants add steps, water and vegetables to daily routines. […]

From Life to Prayer

Talking to God by writing psalms


The octogenarian cocked her head as she considered my Bible study assignment: write a psalm. “I, I, I’ve never done that,” she stammered. “I never thought I could. Is it, is it okay?” Commending her honesty, I encouraged her to try and asked, “Do you pray?” “Yes! Of course!” she replied. “Trust me,” I smiled. […]

Celebrate Differences for Healthier Children and Communities

Speak and model the language of racial solidarity at church

by Michelle Reyes

The children in our church don’t always talk to each other. It’s not what you think. I’m grateful we don’t have issues with cliques or bullies, and we don’t have huge age gaps. Rather, not everyone shares the same language. We are an urban, multicultural church in east Austin, Texas, and on any given Sunday, […]

MESH Monday: Experience, Strength, and Hope

Melody was over 60 when she walked through the doors, shattered by the grief that addiction brought into her life. It happened the first time in her late 40s, and now she was going through it again. Addiction gripped a family member, and she could do nothing to help. Now she was the one who […]

Sacred Space of Community and Worship

Black Church Food Security Network

by Lauren Hales

At Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, Rev. Dr. Heber Brown, III, pastors a congregation that serves as the flagship garden and impetus for the Black Church Food Security Network (BCFSN). The BCFSN provides start-up funds and garden expertise for African American congregations to begin growing healthy food on church land. Rev. Brown explains, […]


Live the Life You Were Created For

A review of The Dream of You: Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For by Jo Saxton

reviewed by Susan Martins Miller

“Is this the life you were meant to live?” This is the central question author and speaker Jo Saxton challenges readers to face honestly. Aimed at women, The Dream of You is a candid examination of the ways our God-given identities get broken, the wounds and self-talk we carry, the baggage of our insecurities, the […]


In Silence and Stretching

A chaplain finds his vocation Q&A with Jonathan Lewis

With an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in religion and an MDiv from Duke Divinity School, Jonathan Lewis is an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church and a board-certified chaplain working on a doctor of ministry degree in pastoral counseling at Memphis Theological Seminary. He works for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in […]

Centering Prayer

Set an intention to become open to God’s presence

by Lauren Hales

At Church of the Holy Communion (Episcopal) in Memphis, Tennessee, a faithful group with representatives from congregations all over the city have been meeting on the first Saturday of every month for Centering Prayer for the last 17 years. The group knows each other well, having spent much time together in prayer, contemplation, and joy. […]

Why Church Is the Place to Talk about Sexuality

Q&A with Kate Ott

by Kate Ott

Dr. Kate Ott is author of Sex + Faith: Talking with Your Child from Birth to Adolescence. She lectures and leads workshops across the country on sexuality and technology issues related to children, teens, young adults and parents. Church Health Reader’s managing editor, Susan Martins Miller, interviewed her about her writing and teaching on sexuality […]

The Healing Community

A spiritual discipline of community after suicide

by Albert Hsu

The brochure showed up anonymously in my mail slot at work. “Survivors of Suicide is a support group open to anyone who has experienced the loss of a relative or friend through suicide,” it read. “Survivors need a safe place to explore their feelings of grief and anger, to raise questions and doubts. We will […]

The Words We Hear

Quietness, patience, and the more gracious path

by Evelyn Bence

In quietness and in trust shall be your strength. —Isaiah 30:15 Last Saturday an unpredictable but perceptive neighbor girl, I’ll call her Nina, was at my table. As is our custom, we’d made and eaten breakfast. We’d turned to doing homework when her grandma, who struggles with English and has no car, called from a […]

Labyrinth of Grief

Living with awareness of loss

by Susan Martins Miller

Come, ye disconsolate, where’er ye languish; come to the mercy-seat, fervently kneel. Here bring your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish; earth has no sorrow that heav’n cannot heal.” I choked slightly on the words to the hymn, unprepared for them. We had sung that hymn at my father’s funeral 12 years ago. I slipped […]

Be Strong and Bold

Courage to take the next step

by Tracy Hilts

“What do you do for a living?” The question is almost guaranteed to come up in conversation with a new acquaintance. When I say I’m a hospice chaplain the usual response is something like, “That must be a really depressing job! I sure couldn’t do it!” Actually, my job is not depressing. Of course there […]

In the Mighty Stream of Righteousness

by Scott Morris

Before Martin Luther King, Jr. was the iconic leader of the civil rights movement, he was a Baptist preacher. He knew the Bible, and he dug past the surface to the heart of God. The cause of justice is the cause of God. King said, “We are not satisfied and we will not be satisfied […]

A Lenten Liturgy

A congregational call to faithful community well-being

Leader: Let us confess the ways we wander from health and wholeness. People: Almighty God, we confess that we seek satisfaction for ourselves in the moment and do not think of the welfare of others. We confess that we indulge our own desires above the needs of others and grow impatient when we do not […]

The Healing Gift of Bold Lament

The messy middle between Jesus' resurrection and ours.

by Rebekah Eklund

Jesus wept. It’s the shortest verse in Scripture, and one of the most profound. On an otherwise ordinary day, Jesus goes to visit some friends, and when he arrives he walks the path so many of us have taken—to the edge of a grave—and when he gets there he does the most human thing. He […]

Planning a Healing Service in Your Congregation

Many faith traditions offer a service of healing that ministers may choose to follow. If you’re planning one on your own, here are some elements to consider including to address healing and wholeness of relationships with God, neighbors and self. Sensory items for calming and centering. You might use a small rock and water fountain, […]

The Gift of Work

An invitation to kingdom building

by Deidre Riggs

Mom, can you help me out? Would you dry the dishes?” As soon as she asks me, I can feel resistance rising on the inside. I don’t like drying dishes. Drying dishes may be my least favorite chore in all the world. Next to raking leaves. I try to be a grown-up about it. I […]

One Faith, One Body

Members of one another

by Marilyn McEntyre

By the time we reached high school, most of us had encountered the story of Helen Keller, or seen images of Stephen Hawking or Franklin Roosevelt in wheelchairs or Mother Teresa holding a dying child. We learned that Flannery O’Connor lived with lupus and Scott Fitzgerald with alcoholism. Most of us knew a classmate with chronic […]

The Model for Healthy Living

A strategy for whole-person care

by Scott Morris

In 1987, Church Health opened our doors for the first time, and I waited nervously to see if anyone would come to a renovated house that had once been a brothel to see a doctor. We treated 12 patients that day. Now, 30 years later, Church Health sees patients in another renovated home, a Sears […]

Stranger in Our Midst

Reflecting on cultural differences

by Scott Morris

I spent my junior year in college studying abroad in London. It was a great experience. One day I was walking back to the dorm when a car honked its horn from behind. I turned toward it only to have it come right beside me and run over my foot. Thankfully it was a very small […]

Health Ministry Tips to Jumpstart Your Congregation to Better Health

Communication If there is a health ministry team at your church, find out what they do, why they exist, and who is involved. Contact the health ministry leader and communicate your interest in working to promote health in your congregation. Getting Others to Get Medical Attention Build a relationship between your leader, the congregation and […]

Living in Doubt, Living in Faith

Searching for God in the midst of suffering and pain

by Scott Morris

Why can’t you leave a bottle of pills next to the table and let me end this suffering?” Those words came from a good friend who had been a renowned cancer surgeon in his prime. He volunteered to see hundreds of patients of the Church Health Center while he was in practice. He had a […]

Sacred to the Full

Resting at the tables of life

by Ashley Higgins

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” —Mark 6:31 Two weeks before I graduated from seminary in 2014 I trekked off to Taizé, France, with a small group of students and our amazing professor, Dr. Bo Karen Lee. We’d rushed to finish our finals—many of us our final finals—hoping […]

One Plantation, Two Sets of Eyes

Two pilgrims reflect on their experience of Durham’s Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope, specifically on the visit to the Stagville Plantation.

The most significant part of this experience was visiting with people in my faith community an old plantation community that over the course of its existence held around 3,000 enslaved people. I also really enjoyed learning about people in the city’s history about whom I had not yet known. The most striking aspect in many […]