Reflections for Times of Loss

A review of The Alphabet of Grief: Words to Help in Times of Sorrow

Shaping a Healthy Mind

Nurturing mental health in children

by Kimberly Baker

An Excerpt from Holding Hope

Grieving Pregnancy Loss during Advent

A Devotion for Those Grieving from Pregnancy Loss

How to Use Holding Hope

The Healing Community

A spiritual discipline of community after suicide

by Albert Hsu

A Grief Unseen

Living with loss that is not death

by Matthew Patrick

Congregational Conversations on Death and Dying

Workshops and resources make the talking easier

by Lauren Hales

Labyrinth of Grief

Living with awareness of loss

by Susan Martins Miller

Jumpstart the Conversation Around End-of-Life Issues

From Life to Life Eternal: Discussing Death as People of Faith

The Healing Gift of Bold Lament

The messy middle between Jesus' resurrection and ours.

by Rebekah Eklund

Losing a Little One

Support groups for pregnancy and infant loss

Statement from the Editor

by Stacy Smith

Signs of Jesus

by Ron McDonald

A Letter to my Daughter…

On Her First Easter in Heaven

by Robyn Bles

After the Tragedy

After the murders at Emanuel AME, I turned to silence, community and Scripture to help bear the pain of loss.

by William Miller

A Community Called Home

Ministries Creating a Dwelling Place for the Moral Injury of Our Veterans

by Elsa Peters Cook

Invisible Countries

Traveling with others through their stories of trauma

by Susan Palwick

Growing Hope

The Healing Potential of Trauma-Informed Faith Communities

by Andrea Blanch

The One Who Comforts

Trauma, Transformation and the Church as the Caring Other

by Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger

Capturing Love

by Ashley-Anne Masters
Book Review

What Do We Tell the Children?

Talking to Kids about Death and Dying

reviewed by Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger

Live. Laugh. Love.

by Ashley-Anne Masters

Crying Out to God

What About Heaven?

by Bill Holmes

Spinning in the ICU

by Susan Palwick


End-of-Life Curriculum for African-Americans

by Richard Payne

Learning How to Die

Q&A with Stanley Hauerwas

by Sarah Stoneking

Discussing Death

A Conversation with Hal and Carole Stoneking

by Sarah Stoneking