Shaping a Healthy Mind

Nurturing mental health in children

by Kimberly Baker

Congregational Mental Health

A review of The Lifesaving Church: Faith Communities and Suicide Prevention by Rachael A. Keefe

reviewed by Lauren Hales

Sanctuaries for Mental Health

What is Needed, Right Now, for the Journey?

Walking together in illness and health

by Warren Kinghorn

10 Tips for Family Caregivers

Taking Care with Dementia

Five How-to Tips for Visiting a Person with Dementia

by Susan Martins Miller

First Steps Toward Mental Health Ministry

Two leaders answer starting questions

Of Foreign Lands and Sacred Space

Pilgrimage through mental illness to restoration

by Barbara Scott

Healthy Responses to Spiritual Trauma

A review of Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma by Teresa B. Pasquale

No Whispers

Caregiving for mental illness

by Cynthia Davis

The Gift of Spiritual Direction

Listening well, digging deep, and letting go

by Mary Chase-Ziolek

Learning to Throw a Spiritual Practice Punch

Engaging our whole selves to become whole and healthy

by Tara Owens

Dancing Away Depression

Liturgical dance as spiritual practice holds out healing hope

by Sarita Wilson

Mental Illness and Belonging

A Pastor's Inquiry

by Michael Tanner

Growing Hope

The Healing Potential of Trauma-Informed Faith Communities

by Andrea Blanch

Congregations on Call

Making Your Church a Haven for Mental Health

by Hannah Walter

The One Who Comforts

Trauma, Transformation and the Church as the Caring Other

by Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger

What is Integrated Health?

by Daniel Deffenbaugh

Talking with Children about Mental Health

by Church Health Reader Editors
Book Review

Troubled Minds

Mental Illness and the Church's Mission

reviewed by Kat Franchino

Recovery and Redemption

Q&A with William Moyers

by Stacy Smith

Creating Living Room

A journey toward peer support for people with mood disorders

by Marja Bergen

Breaking Down Walls of Isolation

The Sharing Group

by Susan Martins Miller

4 Ways Churches Can Respond to Mental Illness

by Antony Sheehan

Mental Illness

How Can Congregations Respond?

by Marja Bergen

Beat the Winter Blues

The Unplugged Pastor

by Darian Duckworth

The Cosmic Side of OCD

by Robert St. Hilaire

Mindful of Grace

Viewing Mental Illness Through the Eyes of Faith

by Matthew S. Stanford

Holy Comfort

Gardening as a means to mental health

by Stacy Smith

Struggles in the Dark

Q&A with Kathryn Green-McCreight

by John Shorb