Congregations, Clinics, and Consultants

ECHO God’s love by starting a faith-based charitable medical clinic

by Josh Roberts

Laughter Yoga

An annoyance leads to a joyous calling

by Katie Zimmerman

A Nurse’s Unexpected Calling

Work and faith are one. Q&A with JoVeta Wescott

by JoVeta Wescott

Culinary Medicine

A healing embrace of understanding food

by Lauren Hales

The Healing Cycle

A review of Helping Groups Heal: Leading Small Groups in the Process of Transformation by Jan Paul Hook


First Steps Toward Mental Health Ministry

Two leaders answer starting questions


An Internist’s Life Calling to Addiction Work

Q&A with Dr. Anderson Spickard, Jr.


The C Word

A review of a new film on the body’s natural defenses against cancer

reviewed by Lauren Hales

Bible Study Suggestions

Model for Healthy Living

Fair Trade Food and Goods

Food choices for community well-being


Healthy Responses to Spiritual Trauma

A review of Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma by Teresa B. Pasquale

The Downward Spiral of Payday Loans

What your church can do to help

Veterans at Home

5 Questions with Dr. Dan Libby

by Lauren Hales

Walking in Jordan

Exploring Jesus’ steps in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

by Rachel Davis

Team Works

Sports, Athletics and Autism

by Mary Boland

Caregiver Care

by Mary Boland

Getting Through the Storm

Faith community nurse serves families of homicide victims

by Lizy Heard

Nature-Centered Learning

Faith-based nature preschools

by Mary Boland

A Place To Call Home

An organization in Dallas seeks to provide a safe space for homeless youth

by Hannah Walter

Paying It Forward

New kitchen models are changing the way we pay

by Mary Boland

Healthy Picnic Ideas

by Mary Boland

Capturing Love

by Ashley-Anne Masters

Creating Space for Healing

Making a Mandala

by Church Health Reader Editors

Engaging the Enneagram

by Church Health Reader Editors

Living Prepared

How congregations can prepare for “Help and Hope” in the midst of disaster

reviewed by Brianna Wagner