Building Healthy Habits in Kids

Easy tips to shape choices

by Kimberly Baker

Shaping a Healthy Mind

Nurturing mental health in children

by Kimberly Baker

25 Examples of Praise & Encouragement

Using the power of positivity in everyday life

Adverse Childhood Experiences

What they are, why they matter, and what a congregation can do

by Lauren Hales

Celebrate Differences for Healthier Children and Communities

Speak and model the language of racial solidarity at church

by Michelle Reyes

Why Church Is the Place to Talk about Sexuality

Q&A with Kate Ott

by Kate Ott

Jumpstart Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

Take Changes in Stride

6 Tips for Healthy Transitions

Like a Little Child

Humbly reaching for God’s hand

by Lizzy Cook

Nature-Centered Learning

Faith-based nature preschools

by Mary Boland

Essential Oils…Essential Fun!

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Camp, Not Just for Kids

Finding Healing Outdoors

A Letter to my Daughter…

On Her First Easter in Heaven

by Robyn Bles


Being fearfully, wonderfully and differently made

by Mike Samson

Trauma’s Trail of Tears

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

by Mary Boland

Gather Around the Table Coloring Page


Whole Wheat Ginger Bread Loaf

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Expecting at Advent

by Susan Martins Miller

Baby, Let’s Move

Exercise During Pregnancy

by Erica Perkins

Prayers Per Mile

In times of strength and sorrow, running is my prayer

by Robyn Bles

Talking with Children about Mental Health

by Church Health Reader Editors

Capturing Love

by Ashley-Anne Masters
Book Review

Troubled Minds

Mental Illness and the Church's Mission

reviewed by Kat Franchino

Bonding through Brokenness

How congregations can lead the way on the journey of recovery

by Heather Kopp

A Play-Full Life

Slowing Down and Seeking Peace

by Jaco Hamman
Book Review

Sex + Faith

Talking With Your Child from Birth to Adolescence

reviewed by Mary Boland
Book Review

What Do We Tell the Children?

Talking to Kids about Death and Dying

reviewed by Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger

Mustard Seeds

Sometimes just a few words make a big difference

by Susan Palwick
Book Review

A Homemade Year

The Blessings of Cooking, Crafting, and Coming Together

We Teach Our Children

by Kira Dault

Comfort, Comfort My People

Struggling with Infertility

by Deborah Patterson